photo by: Melinda Register

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

God, we're cool.

Sid & Nancy is known, in Columbia, as a destination for awesome sunglasses and we felt obliged to show off our new wears.

Also, we got a couple new artists displaying their work in our store...

These pendants are the creations of Augusta Thompson, who experiments with epoxies and art. As you could probably see, she loves Frida Khalo about as much as we do. What makes these guys a little more appealing, to us, is that Augusta was sure to include mexican art on the BACKS, as well. The attention to detail makes these $22-25 necklaces finished and thoughtful gifts for the dark-and-artsy girl in your life - or a delightful treat for yourself.

These cutie patootie barrettes are made by Merri Mitchell. You may have seen her at Crafty Feast, earlier this month. She has collected all these neat feathers, bits of trim and sparkly things and upcycled them into fun, whimsical hair accessories. Each piece is priced from $12-$15 and have already become a hot item.