photo by: Melinda Register

Monday, August 16, 2010

Welcome, Freshman!

In case you 4,400 new students were not aware - Sid & Nancy is the right place to come with your shiny new (and tiny) college-student budgets. We buy and sell the hottest recycled clothing. It looks good, it feels good and your parent's will love your new-found money-making/saving skillz.

Here's what you need to know:

Sid & Nancy buys clothes, every day - *as long as our weekly allowance permits*. Mon-Sat 11am-6pm and Sundays from 1pm-5pm.

We take clothing based on LABEL, CONDITION, SEASON AND (most importantly) STYLE.

A good rule-of-thumb is to remember that weather rules. If you can't wear it at this time of the year, then we can't buy it from you.

Please be respectful and bring your clothing, cleaned and folded, in a reasonably sized container *25 items maximum please*.

One of our buyers will sort through your items and determine what we can sell them for, in our store. You will then receive an offer of 30% of the items' resale value, in cash; 40% resale value, in store credit.

Also, remember that we do not buy children's clothing, bathing suits, pajamas, socks, boxers or blankets. We just can't do it.

Jamie Chason has spent the last six years documenting the metamorphosis of a rare, unpronounceable butterfuly indigenous only to a glacier in Antarctica; coincidentally, the same glacier on which Ashley was born. We are excited to have her on our team for her extreme survival skills and knowledge of potent coffee roasts.
Ryan Alexander is the youngest graduate from Stanford's very first BadAssery program. We like him for his cut-off jeans and knowledge of all-things-band-tee-shirts. He also is a world-renowned found-artist, most noted for his installation titled "Iceberg Slim."

Meet Adrianne Ruffin
"Inspiration: Music, Love, Adventure, Art, Storytelling! I want to make garments that are poppy & sexy & speak to the soul of the rasta, punk, goth, emo, derby, pin-up, starlette, princesses that make them want to go out and share what uniquely makes them kickass!"
- A. Ruffin
We've been talking to Ms. Ruffin about getting her stuff in our store, for a while, and we're excited to announce that her wears will be available at Sid&Nancy this Saturday August, 21st. All pieces are reinvented from older garments, largely graphic and band tees as well as vintage slips. We love her and we're confident you see why.

Metal tampon cases.

Enamel pendant necklaces.

Vintage style graphic lockets.

All by Classic Hardware and available now! Get it while it's here, cuz this stuff will not stay in-stock.

Thank you, to everyone who voted us Best in Alternative Clothing. We love what we do and only hope to serve you better, for years to come!