photo by: Melinda Register

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

First thing's first: The Little General is going on a buying trip in New York, soon. If you think of something that you HAVE TO HAVE for the holidays, swing by Sid&Nancy's facebook and tell us what you want us to look for, in the big city.
Does your boyfriend need shoes? We know they don't like to spend their hard-earned money on something they just put on their feet, so we have shoes, including Converse, Vans, cowboy boots and dress shoes - starting at around $15.
If you know you're going to be doing a lot of shopping, for the holidays, it might be a good idea to start with buying yourself a nice shopping bag. We have these great shoppers from Blue-Q that are guaranteed to get you through a rigorous day of shopping AND make a nice, recyclable statement.
Speaking of Blue-Q, we got a new shipment of smart-ass gum. These make great little "thinking about you" gifts and are only $1.50 each.
Check out these vintage watch bands. Debbie McDaniel salvaged these from certain lost-forever-ness and brought them to Sid&Nancy, in search of loving homes. Most of them are genuine leather and can be worn with your old watch faces or as interesting cuffs, all by themselves. An easy and funky gift for a fashionista friend - or for yourself for only $5 a pop.
Ian Dillinger made these great little keychains for those dark and lonely times when you really need to "knock on wood." Clever man - we love them!
Vivian Leese is at it again. You may remember her fancy goldfish earrings from last spring. She's brought us a few more goodies for this winter, including THIS long-chain charm necklace, priced graciously at only $20.
Ashley doesn't really like to model products for the blog and often gets Courtney to do it, instead; however, she fell in love with this plush and chunky broach by Viola Otis. It can be used as an accent on a shmancy holiday dress - OR to dress up an old v-neck tee.