photo by: Melinda Register

Thursday, October 27, 2011


It's been a bit since I've blogged. I know, I know, what's new? Well several things actually, thanks for asking...

Our soul sisters, Savannah and Jaime have moved on to bigger and better things in their life. And since it's still technically a crime to kidnap someone, hold them against their will, and make them work, we sadly had to wish them the best. Bittersweet.

Savannah is studying to become a professional Day-Maker at the Paul Mitchell School (= free haircuts for me!!) and Jaime is continuing her degree in Art Education in Dundee, Scotland! You can follow her blog here.

Which leads me to the introduction of our fabulous new staff. And you know how much I love introductions.


Racheal is my new right-hand woMAN. She's a perfect fit for my personality and we work amazingly well together. She's sweet when I'm mean. She's morning peppy while I have to down at least two cups of coffee before I become even somewhat functional. We don't have the same shoe size, so I still get first pick on all the 8.5s that come in. She allows me to make fun of her patchouli. All the while sporting a slight smirk; like maybe she knows something I don't.
The only problem we have so far is that she mumbles. So I call her "Mumbles." Truth is, I can't hear very well, but she allows me to blame it on her.

Ladies and Gentleman, meet Racheal, Sid's new Assistant Manager and Buyer.


Queen of all things Rockabilly, meet Brittany. She's a sass-filled sweetheart and a woman after my own heart. She only drinks Cheerwine, she loves Moon-Pies, microwaved or not, and she's good to both her momma and her grandmother. She's also given me a biscuit recipe that might be better than my own grandmother's. Which makes me love her even more. She's helping us out during the afternoons so we can get all the great stuff out on the floor and ready for you, good shoppers, to grab it up.


And now for the man who probably needs the least introduction. Mr. Popularity, in the flesh, Bakari. The mad love child of Missy Elliot and the blue Wiggle, Bakari sports many hats around town. WUSC, SceneSC, Sweet Vans, Tweeter extraordinaire, yada yada yada... I'm not even really sure what all Bakari does. Somehow, his days consist of thirty hours instead of twenty-four. Luckily for us, he's managed to fit some time in on the weekends to come in and help all of you find your own unique style.

Now that you know everyone, come in and introduce yourself!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Don't know if you noticed, it's hot out there!

Just wanted to touch base with you guys. It's been a bit since we've blogged. But don't worry, instead of blogging, we've been using that time to brainstorm new ideas to make the store even better. I'm excited to say we've got a few things up our sleeve.

A couple of things we can announce today (hence the blog):

First things first: Remember when you would come in, say on Friday, and we would be out of cash for buyouts? That will no longer be the case. We will be buying for cash everyday. I think it makes it easier for you, the best customers in the world. It also allows us to stuff these racks with even more killer stuff. Which leads me to our next announcement...

Starting July 18th, our store hours will be slightly changing. We will be open...

Monday through Saturday from 10:30 - 6:30
Sunday 1-6

We will continue to buy until 6 Monday through Saturday, and until 5:30 on Sunday.

The first week you may need to bring me a coffee. I know it's just thirty minutes, but they are valuable since I'm not exactly a morning glory.

Announcement 3: We are working on beefing up our guy's section. You boys are tough to provide for. Not only do you not have as many fun wardrobe options as the ladies do, you boys also tend to wear clothes until they fall apart. Stop doing that!

In an effort to focus more on men's inventory, we've changed the floor space around a bit. You boys can now find your duds front and center. Hopefully, it will also help to remind you to bring items in to sell and/or trade.

Sorry ladies, you're gonna have to walk a little further than normal.

There is good news though. Look how much more room we have for your clothes? Seriously, this might be the most dresses we've ever had!

And just a preview of brand new stuff:

New hats from Peter Grimm!!

As a hat girl, I love this vendor. They are a bit more expensive than we normally like. But the quality and style more than makeup for the price difference. New summer styles in!

Mikwright cards

You may have noticed our new card line. This card company is a small business from North Carolina. The pictures are family photos from the dozen or so people who work there. They are inappropriately hilarious, so you have to mind your audience. But, they may be my favorite thing for customers to look at because I love to hear you guys cackle. We order new styles every shipment so check them out regularly. You may find the perfect one.

And finally, it would be hard to blog in July without mentioning the heat. We can't really do anything about the humidity outside. But I can take this opportunity to remind you that we always have awesome shades so at least you look cool while you're out there.

That's it for now. Stay tuned for a few more exciting changes soon to come!