photo by: Melinda Register

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Butterflies are Bastards....

Courtney doesn't like when they call her the "boss." This is what she looked like at 10:30 this morning. The shop is on a "don't-ask-don't-tell" policy, at the moment.

Sid & Nancy will be taking the day off on Monday, May 31, for Memorial Day. Go get some sunshine and eat some barbecue, like the rest of us proud red-meat Americans.

Also, come out to New Brookland Tavern to see our friends Mercy Mercy Me play with Balkans and Predator. Doors at 9:30pm and there's only a $5 cover. We will be there getting our faces and our sobriety rocked off.

Hey! Do you know about the Half&Half?

They are a local screen printing company that started with two USC grads, Sara Thomas and Nick Wilson. Recently, they have had the joy of bringing on another local graphic artist, Thomas Jennings. The trio have employed their new-school design sense with old-school silk-screen methods to create a wildly successful business that works with touring bands as well as local organizations.

The Half&Half is located on College Street, in 5-points, near City Yoga.
Some folks may even remember when their business resided atop Sid&Nancy, which is part of why they are so near and dear to our hearts.

Friday, May 28, 2010


Courtney, Corinne, and Ashley all had a celebratory din-din, last night, for meeting their monthly goals. As usual, the conversation started out all-business and then ended with Ashley hypothesizing the zombie apocalypse, Courtney punching someone in the face and Corinne dismissively sipping her drink - plotting her escape.

They DID get to talk a lot about Ashley's new favorite store in Asheville, Hip Replacements. She swung by the Lexington Avenue retro boutique /secondhand shop because a customer at Sid & Nancy said they have a very similar type of business. The manager, Ryan Ashley, was very excited to chat ideas and Ashley came home all inspired and fresh. If you get a chance to go to Asheville, anytime this summer, swing by Hip Replacements and tell them Sid & Nancy said "hello."

The girls were not expecting the shop to be as busy at it was this morning. Within 30 minutes of opening, several Columbi-Yeah T-shirts had sold. SWEET! Then, Courtney pointed out that all these folks were ravenous for the shirts because they must have read The State article this morning. Oh. Courtney and Ashley spent half the day desperately "crazy calling" Shiggy, because they were swiftly running out of shirts to sell. He showed up around 3pm with an armload in various sizes and colors and also promised to bring more as soon as the new batch was back from the printers.

They also got to see Whitney Malson today! They got to gabbing about Shiggy's unexpected success and Whitney said that Shiggy's website (which was built by Pretty Penny Productions - LAST NIGHT) had blown up, this morning, and nearly crashed! Weird.... but good for you, Shiggy! We heart you!

Shuffle, a free publication out of Charlotte, just came out with their new issue - which is available at Sid & Nancy. It would be impossible to thoroughly get into all the musical artists covered in this issue - its totally overwhelming.... But we LOVE the magazine because it's FREE and it's absolutely saturated with information, reviews, and art. On the cover, currently: Aimee Argote. Amazing.
One more thing! Our awesomely bad-ass girl-skater friend, Lauren Trapp, is hostessing a girls' skate jam at the Owens Field Skate Park SATURDAY from 10:00am-12:00pm. Lauren is an absolute girl-power lady and is so easy and sweet to talk to. If you or someone you know is afraid that she'll be the only girl at the skate park, we highly recommend hitting up this leetle event. The GREAT part is that, if you miss out this weekend, you can make it to the next one, which will be held (same place/same time) on June 12th. For a little history on the skate park, click here.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Ashley went bananas, last night, when she realized that her disdain for wire hangers happens to be similar to the violent rage portrayed in that movie about Joan Crawford. No worries - we don't really care what your clothes are hanging on - we're just happy to be doing business with you!

Cindi Boiter stopped by our store, the other day, and dropped of 50 copies of the new issue of Undefined Magazine, which is now for sale at only $3 a pop. For those of you unaware of Undefined, it is a local publication highlighting the various noteworthy talents from the area. This issue has us SUPER excited because it features articles about our friends, Preach Jacobs and Nikolai Oskolkov, along with lots of other amazing talents AND piece on Spoleto that will get you all pumped about the festival.

Cindi also informed us that we are the only vendor of the issue, in 5-points. So... don't hesitate to throw down (cash only, please) for your very own copy.

Contributors to this issue include Cindi Boiter, Jeffrey Day, Mark Pointer, Kristine Hartvigsen, Joshua Beard, Shani Ohlinger and McKenna Kemp.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

We Finally Have a Blog!

You've been shopping with us. You know us. You THINK you MIGHT know who we are..... Now you can know it all! Now, get the subscription.

Courtney and Ashley of Sid & Nancy, your favorite rock'n'roll secondhand store, will be updating weekly to tell you about our friends, antics and new products. We promise not to become too unruly with promotional junk - just sale reminders and stories from the 5-points shop girl life.