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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Ashley went bananas, last night, when she realized that her disdain for wire hangers happens to be similar to the violent rage portrayed in that movie about Joan Crawford. No worries - we don't really care what your clothes are hanging on - we're just happy to be doing business with you!

Cindi Boiter stopped by our store, the other day, and dropped of 50 copies of the new issue of Undefined Magazine, which is now for sale at only $3 a pop. For those of you unaware of Undefined, it is a local publication highlighting the various noteworthy talents from the area. This issue has us SUPER excited because it features articles about our friends, Preach Jacobs and Nikolai Oskolkov, along with lots of other amazing talents AND piece on Spoleto that will get you all pumped about the festival.

Cindi also informed us that we are the only vendor of the issue, in 5-points. So... don't hesitate to throw down (cash only, please) for your very own copy.

Contributors to this issue include Cindi Boiter, Jeffrey Day, Mark Pointer, Kristine Hartvigsen, Joshua Beard, Shani Ohlinger and McKenna Kemp.

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