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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Um.... Do you know Kimberly Bookman? We LOVE her! We've been exchanging clothes with her since we opened the store, more than three years ago, and she's OBSESSED with our funky selection of sunglasses. She's not just a fashionista - she's actually a closet (and ridiculously talented) painter/sculptor/dreamer..... which is our kind of girl.

These are what Kimberly call her "Devine Ideas".... After months of drooling over them, Kimberly arrived - last week - with a nice big selection for us to carry in Sid&Nancy.
Each piece is made of built-up acrylic (and false eyelashes) on tiny stretched canvasses and come equipped with a metal bracket for easy hanging.

Remember Shayna Simoneaux's "Paintings of Birdies" jewelry and accessories? Well, we've been selling her jewelry for quite a while now - but have expanded our inventory to stationary, rings, earrings and key chains - in addition to the necklaces and bracelets that we already had in stock.
Shayna's Birdies have made an explosion on the local, independent jewelry scene. You can read more about her and her paintings at The State.

We look forward to voting for our favorite restaurants, bars, shops and people every year. We have also had the privilege of winning Columbia's Best Alternative Clothing, in the past. Please grab a snack and click on the "Vote Now" button. Go ahead. Express yourself. And, if you don't really have an opinion on a certain category - you are certainly not obligated to answer every question. This is easy and fun and we hope we win your vote.

Have you seen this couple?
These are the missing parents of Sid&Nancy and we want them to come home. NOW....
They said they were going on vacation and would be back in 6 weeks - but it's already been WAY TOO LONG! We HAVE been stalking them, online, and you can too. Meet Ralph and Debbie.

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