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Friday, September 17, 2010

It's FALL.... well... kinda...

Do you know Savannah Gwinn? She should be familiar, to you, because she's our go-to-girl for promo photo shoots - AND she's also the one we lean on for help in the store. Savannah has an expert eye for fashion and for all things vintage/yard-sale-chic.
Savannah has been hanging out with us - for moral and staff support - lately, and she's been bringing some pretty rad stuff to the store, like these framed - asian inspired - velvet art pieces she salvaged from certain destruction, some time ago.
Speaking of new products...
We went on a buying trip in NYC, this summer, and found a great new vendor from California, selling these great decorative bobby pins. We are big fans of the bobby pin. Wear one, as an accent, or wear a BUNCH to make a punchy, flowerd-y statement.
These necklaces are also the fruit of our buying trip labors in New York. They are boho-cute-ironic-chic... everything you could ask for from our tiny trinkets. And, did I mention AFFORDABLE?!? From left to right, you are seeing a dinosaur, mustache, harmonica, beatle, owl and jade flowers. Not pictured, we also have a skater-girl charm necklace (complete with a rape whistle), scissors, a Cherokee Indian chief, handcuffs, cupcakes and cameras.

You are gonna love me for posting this...
It's mid-September and the time is right to dig through your closets for those secret vinyl clothing collections you're never going to wear again. We're seeking those out-of-the-box pieces to supplement the bad-ass Halloween costumes that we know we'll see, crawling 5points and the Art Bar. There's only one time of year when you can dress like The Crow and no one will accuse you of being a delusional nerd.

Just a leetle reminder: we are carrying the newest issue of Undefined Magazine. The cover-art alone is reason enough to buy this copy ($3) but the articles are stellar. Get it while the gettin's good.

We love you we love you we love YOU! Thank you for reading and for shopping. We've had a great summer and are ready to rock and roll through an AMAZING FALL! Please click the SUBSCRIBE button so you always get the latest Sid&Nancy news (plus, the occasional embarrassing photos). Stay tuned.

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