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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hey Girl, Hey!!!!

I would blog more often, but we've been so busy lately, I haven't had time. Today I'm taking a few moments to make a special blog. This time it's not about us. Rather, our focus today is on several very special people that we know and love, both personally and creatively. So get your little mouse ready, this blog is about to explode with hyperlinks.

Woodie Wentworth: You may remember Woodie from around town. She played bass with that handsome beau: Kenley Young and the Open Fires. She is also an amazing illustrator. Does anyone remember this showing in the Free Times building during one of the First Thursdays on Main Street?

Now she lives in New York, New York. But her love for Columbia and it's emerging arts scene remains close to her heart. She has illustrated an awesome coloring and activity book that we were more than happy to help sponsor. They are available on her website ($7 plus shipping) and in the store ($8). Come get yours before they sell out!

FeatherBrainz (etsy store soon to come): Hair accessories have been the hottest ticket as of late. Local girl, Merri Mitchell, has been creating simple and fun hair "fascinators" in her spare time. This past fall/winter, we had several that incorporated both feathers and vintage buttons.
As you know, Spring has sprung. And now Merri is bringing us new hair flare made with crochet pieces and flowers. Crazy dainty.

Trashn2treasure: Shawn Burns has been creating new furniture/home pieces from items that are usually left behind. His creations give a unique twist to things such as old phone booths, gas tanks, radiator tanks, fire extinguishers, etc.; transforming them into home items that make for interesting conversation and provide functionality. Here are a few of his creations both old and new (young adorable boy in heels not included):

Shawn is running a special through May 28th. For every lamp you buy, you also get a free custom designed flask. Contact his website for more details.

Half and Half: Most of our customers know that we adore the Half and Half, both personally and creatively. So much so, that we've devoted an entire wall to them.

Now, they've put their heads together and created these scrap-paper boxes that go on your work desk (and they look pretty darn good too)! An awesome way to recycle, and most of them are completely one-of-a-kind.

[Also, stop by their facebook page and tell them how bad-ass their new website is!!!]

The Owl's Barn: One of our favorite former employees has now opened an exciting new store in Hartsville, SC.

Jess Bannon and Richard Turbeville have opened what they refer to as a "lost highway emporium of resold rock-and-roll." If you're in that area, stop by the Owl's Barn and say hello, then pick up something that is sure to make us jealous.

SceneSC: Okay, we want to clear the air about something. If you've seen this shirt in the store, it has NOTHING to do with hunting moose in SC. This seems to be the popular assumption. (Which surprises me, because I'm pretty damn sure that moose aren't even in SC!)

SceneSC is a SC music scene blog. Have you noticed that I've included the link twice? Do yourself a favor and check it out. Then if you have a few minutes check out their latest sampler.
After having done that, come in and tell me what you think about the blog. There could be a special discount in it for you. Oh, and you can pick up one of the shirts too, because I am sure you're going to love it as much as we do.

El B Kat: This week we say good-bye and good luck to one of our favorite people. She's beautiful, smart, sweet, and fiesty (my favorite combination). We've got a few stories that we won't share here that will forever make us giggle. Personally, she single-handedly made me re-fall in love with Hall and Oates again. For that, I will always be thankful. She got an awesome job with Cynthia Rowley in Montauk, NY and we wish her the absolute best. Till next time Miss Knetzer!

Mary Juanita: After saying goodbye, we say hello to a new face. Mary just started. She just moved here from Iron City, TN. Don't let the picture fool you, she's incredibly sweet. Stop in and introduce yourself!

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